An example of work process:

Through a process of reflecting, feeling and sensing and through your presence and my support a space full of mindfulness, resources and solutions can emerge.

Reflection is meant as a process in which by means of a special questioning technique and through imaging I help you to explore the roots of your problems.

What you discover you will be able to integrate by feeling and sensing, and it will then be transformed in such a way that you develop a better understanding of your pain so that it “becomes part of you” and of your bodily awareness.

Thus new possibilities will emerge how you can cope with meaningful bodily reactions like suffering and pain in a more peaceful, sustainable and mindful way.

This combination of empathic encounter and mindful touch prepares a space where self-healing can take place, and from this comes a dynamic power for further development.

Zweinsicht is:


  • mindfulness-oriented
  • resources-oriented
  • solution-oriented
  • process-oriented
  • body-oriented
  • empathic

Specially at:


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Pain management

  • chronic tension, strain and stress, fatigue
  • persistent pain and rigidity
  • recurring pains in the musculoskeletal system (hips, back, shoulders)
  • headache, migraine etc.


  • regeneration
  • stress reduction
  • tension relief
  • revitalise the energy cycle
  • relax


  • life issues – life transitions, separation
  • relationship issues
  • conflicts, bullying
  • new tasks, managerial responsibilities
  • stress management, burnout
  • personal awareness and development
  • crisis intervention
  • health advice
  • gender specific topics for men